My Wife and I made a batch of doughnuts last Sunday and they were spectacular. Thanks very much.

These donuts are fantastic! I remember having Spudnuts as a kid and these taste just like them. We feel truly blessed to find a flavor from our childhood. It has taken us forever to find a potato-based donut mix that tastes similar to Spudnuts. Thanks for bringing back my favorite childhood memories.
-Trevor Anderson

This tastes so much better than the original spudnut mix. It is a lighter and fluffier final product, no matter which recipe you make.
-Courtney Palmer

These were delicious. It reminded me of the spudnuts I used to eat as a kid. It tastes delicious! I'll definitely come back for more!
-Nina Waterman

Potadonuts Reviews

My family absolutely loves these doughnuts. We made them for a family party and they were a hit! They tasted just like the original Spudnuts and were so fun to make. A bunch of our friends are big Spudnut fans, and now we will definitely recommend Potadonuts to them.
-Billy Dean Williams

These donuts are fun and easy to make. My daughter and I make them together and she loves to watch them cook. They remind me of the old spudnuts that I remember when I was younger, but with an airy quality.
-Zachary Holmes

We’ve made German pancakes 3x and they’ve never disappointed. We love that mix! Thanks for introducing us to it.

-Garrett Johnson